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Hiring Decision

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Shredding Solutions is a leader in providing professional document and electronic storage destruction. We provide on and off-site sensitive material shredding, ensuring the privacy of you, your family, and your clients is all protected. We use powerful industrial shredders to ensure each item is destroyed completely and thoroughly, leaving no chance of retrieving any useful information. With over thirty five years of experience in records management industry, Shredding Solutions is the document destruction vendor of choice in the Central Pennsylvania area.


Step 1 The Setup

  • Fill out form or give us a call
    • We would need some general information to give you an accurate quote.
  • You would then receive a quote
    • After receiving the information, we would send you the quote.
  • It’s now time to schedule
    • Pick the date and time to fit your needs

Step 2 The Shred

  • Upon arrival
    • We will collect the materials to begin the destruction process of your sensitive materials.
  • On-Site Destruction
    • We would then destroy the collected materials at your place right in front of you.
  • Off-Site Destruction
    • We would bring back the collected materials to our place for destruction.
  • Certificate Of Destruction
    • Once the materials are destroyed, we will send you a Certification of Destruction.

Step 3 Disposal/Recycling

  • Evironmentally Friendly
    • We do our part for the environment by taking everything that can be recycled and seeing it is converted into reusable products.
  • Secure Destruction
    • Shredding Solutions aims to make the essential practice of properly destroying personal or sensitive materials as secure and convenient for all of our clients. Trust is everything in this business.


NAID AAA Certification® verifies secure data destruction companies’ services’ compliance with all known data protection laws through scheduled and surprise audits by trained, accredited security professionals, fulfilling customers’ regulatory due diligence obligations. All data protection regulations require customers to perform initial due diligence and ongoing monitoring of data destruction service providers. Because it is designed specifically to verify and monitor regulatory compliance as well as security best practices, requiring NAID AAA Certification® of secure data destruction service providers fulfills the customer’s regulatory obligation. With over 1,000 NAID AAA Certified locations available globally, it is far and away the most recognized and accepted data destruction operation available. Learn More

We Come To You!

For On-Site Destruction, the collected materials are securely destroyed at your location in your presence, while for Off-Site Destruction, we bring the materials back to our facility for secure destruction.Once the materials are destroyed, we will send you a Certification of Destruction.


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